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This is the CD,  "MuLTi-DiMeNsiONaL DePth PeRcePtiON"   * Every instrument played, the vocals, words and engineering, & production were done by Jeff Whitt. *

This was done, as I had just built a home recording studio, & was in process of learning the new software that I am now fluent in.   

In my previous musical endeavors, I had always worked with incredible musicians and technically proficient and extremely talented producers and engineers.


I decided to put this out as I was, "in the process" of learning my new system.   Now that my new album, " Wise Leroy, Up on the Roof " is just about finished,  I am able to see & share the massive difference between knowledge & wisdom.  



I have been told, that I am,    

 " A little early, on time, & late all at the same instant."  LIke the doppler effect coming & going, but always arriving.   You will actually hear me arguing and talking with the different versions of myself as I'm playing the various instruments.... * special thanks, to Forest Whitaker for the line sampled from the movie "Ghost Dog", and to the makers of the Movie "PI", for the lines between,  "Lucretius' Arrow & the Golden Ratio"