** you can LISTEN for FREE **and afterwards it would be nice to purchase one.

This is the CD that will be released to Management, Agencies &  Record Companies,  with serious intent on striking up a development deal.... For a limited time the CD will be sold for $7.00.  These are the first 7 songs of the concept album,   "MuLTi-DiMeNsiONaL DePth PeRcePtiON"   * Everyone can order the Album on MP3 starting today by 2pm * The CD itself can be ordered on a first come first serve basis starting 4/7/16....Every instrument played, the vocals, the mixing, the editing and production have been done by,  Jeffrey T. Whitt with the help of  * JTW Productions, * . All of the creative style & any of the talent that is displayed was given by the Creator on my arrival to the Earth.  Any ego, real or imagined, is just that....imagined. There is absolutely no way any of this could have been done without that complete understanding.  This is why "DrEaMiNg OuT LouD" is the unifying theory of this musical experience.  Using effects on music just gets in the way.  I have struggled to play one guitar line for hours & then in an instant, it's done. Another instant, every track on a song can be laid down without a hesitation.  I truly believe the creator has reinforced this principal in my life, over and over, to make sure that I am ready to do whatever I decide is correct.  Which "is" obviously correct.  Any doubt only limits us, & our potential is limitless..  I have been told, that I am,      " A little early, on time, & late all at the same instant."  LIke the doppler effect coming & going, but always arriving.  The songs are MuLTi-DiMeNsiONAL, so....Listen Up... Tell us if you like what you hear!!! Appreciate It.  You will actually hear me arguing and talking with the different versions of myself as I'm playing the various instruments.... * special thanks, to Forest Whitaker for the line sampled from the movie "Ghost Dog", and to the makers of the Movie "PI", for the lines between,  "Lucretius' Arrow & the Golden Ratio"   The tracks listed below should always be available in MP3 format here each for $8.99 total.  The CD itself is much cooler, because there is less compression so the songs are fuller and have a warmer tone.  The cover art is also Amazing.. which was licensed for this small release. As with all digital recordings to experience the best sound quality especially on CD's,  you should leave your EQ at the the level that it came.  All the bass and trebles will be enjoyed most in that way... Have a great 2016!