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This is the CD that will be released to Management, Agencies &  Record Companies,  with serious intent on striking up a development deal.... For a limited time the CD will be sold for $7.00.  These are the first 7 songs of the concept album,   "MuLTi-DiMeNsiONaL DePth PeRcePtiON"   * Every instrument played, the vocals, the mixing, the editing and production have been done by,  Jeffrey T. Whitt with the help of  * JTW Productions, * ... All of the creative style & any of the talent that is displayed was given by the Creator on my arrival to the Earth.  Any ego, real or imagined, is just that....imagined. There is absolutely no way any of this could have been done without that complete understanding.

Everyday is Synchronicity from beginning to end, & now a year after this recording my chops were finally back to where I was at 27....Then..........WHAM...  I'm back on the bench...Had to rethink my experience...


Now I'm back working & better than ever.

I want to spit out the next album with a quickness, & be on tour by spring...  

Hoping is allright, but doing is better.




I have been told, that I am,    

 " A little early, on time, & late all at the same instant."  LIke the doppler effect coming & going, but always arriving.   You will actually hear me arguing and talking with the different versions of myself as I'm playing the various instruments.... * special thanks, to Forest Whitaker for the line sampled from the movie "Ghost Dog", and to the makers of the Movie "PI", for the lines between,  "Lucretius' Arrow & the Golden Ratio"